Types of Archery

We are a target archery club although we do occasionally hold other kinds of rounds (such as clout shoots).

There are three types of bow used in target archery
Most of our club members shoot the recurve bow but we also have longbow and compound archers.

The Recurve bow, is used by archers in the Olympics. The recurve bow is constructed from a handle or riser with two limbs which bend (or re-curve) away from the archer. These are often fairly high-tech pieces with the risers often made from precision machined aluminium, carbon or magnesium alloy and the limbs from  multiple layers of fibreglass, carbon and/or wood on a core of carbon foam or wood. Stability is provided by stabiliser rods often with built in anti-vibration devices. A bow sight and arrow rest are also necessary.



The Longbow is a traditional type of bow, similar to those used at Agincourt, Crecy etc in history, although with much lighter poundage. It  is roughly equal to the user in height.  It comprises a single length of wood and a string. There is no bow sight or arrow rest.



The Compound bow is a very high tech piece using cables and pulleys, to bend the limbs. This makes the bow easy to hold at very high poundage (say 60 lbs). The arrow is released using a release aid. A sight and telescopic lens are also used with this kind of bow.



Crossbows: We do not shoot crossbows at the club.